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SAPlist.com is a useful and informative website for employers and employees who are working under federally-mandated drug and alcohol testing regulations of employees in the transportation industry.

This website brings together two groups of individuals who have been previously frustrated in their search to find each other:

  • Employers and EAPs who need (but can't find) qualified and trained Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs)
  • SAPs who are qualified and trained, but who don't have an effective way to market their services on a broad scale.

As our website's byline says, SAPlist.com is "the best way to find Substance Abuse Professionals".

SAPlist® is a registered trademark.


I am a SAP, and I want to create my own SAP Profile

Anyone can search the database - it's free!

I need a SAP, and I want to search the database

EAPs can search the database (also at no cost) to identify affiliate SAPs in order to expand their SAP network in a city, a region, or nationwide.

A search will bring up a randomized (not alphabetical) list of SAPs. Click on the Zip Code heading, and the list will arrange in Zip Code order. Or click on the Name heading, and the list will arrange in Alphabetical order. With another click, the list can be sent to your printer, giving you a hard copy for your file.

If you would like more information about a particular SAP on the list, click the SAP's name and you can will be able to view a SAP's complete Profile. With another click, the SAP's Profile will be sent to your printer, giving you a hardcopy for your file.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

For SAPs, employers, employees and applicants. (Employers : Use your computer's Print command to print a copy of these questions, and give them to an employee who has a violation under these rules, or an applicant who tests positive or refuses a pre-employment test.)


Links to regulations and other documents, federal offices, and numerous resources.

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