How to Use This Database

Welcome to, a nationwide searchable database of Substance Abuse Professionals.

Before you begin your search, please read both the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions . Your use of this database assumes that you have read and accept both of these pages.

You can search this database in several ways:

  • First, and most basic, you can search by state. By entering a state's abbreviation code, you will get a list of all the registered SAPs in that state, alphabetically arranged. By clicking on Zip Code, or City, the list will reformat to that criteria.
  • If you know the SAP's last name, you can simply search by entering the first few letters of the last name.
  • If you want to find a SAP in a specific geographical area (by city), you can search by using the first 3 digits of a postal zip code.
  • You can also search by a telephone area code. This will be a narrower search, and it will give you limited results. (Consider similar searches with surrounding area codes.)
  • The site includes an Advanced Search function, with which you can narrow your search even more. By entering the date of your last visit, you will get a list of SAPs who have registered since that site, or a list of SAPs who have changed information in their Profile. This will be especially valuable for national EAPs or national employers who may be periodically searching, in order to expand their SAP networks.

Once you see a list, you can print a list of the SAPs you selected, showing their names, addresses and phone numbers, as required by the regulations.

If you click on a SAP's individual Profile, you will see details about that SAP, office locations, background and training, certifications, etc. When that profile is on your screen, you can print the entire profile by clicking "Print This Profile", and then "Send to Printer". The printed version will have the SAP's name (last, first) in the upper right corner of the page, and the State, City, Zip, in the upper left corner of the page. These pages can be conveniently filed, alphabetically by last name, or by state, city, or zip code, depending on your preference.

If you have suggestions about how this system could be expanded or improved to meet other needs that you might have, please email suggestions to us.

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