Why should I have my Profile on SAPlist®?

Many DOT-covered employers look to their EAPs for SAP services under this regulation. But U.S. Department of Transportation statistics tell us that there are almost 700,000 employers (over 8 million employees) who are covered under this drug and alcohol testing regulation. While many of these employees are served by SAPs either directly or through a network of affiliates, the vast majority of employers under this regulation are small employers, and most of those small employers do not have an Employee Assistance Program.

As more and more employers come into compliance with this regulation, there is an increasing demand for SAPs in all settings, from big cities to rural areas.

In order to meet DOT's requirements of training and a SAP exam, a SAP must invest significant time and energy and money. Once trained, each SAP has the potential to fill a niche , to provide unique services to employers in the transportation industry. For some, providing SAP services has, in the past year or two, become a mainstay of a private practice. For others, their practices have diversified to include training, educating, and consulting.

No SAP should expect the phone to ring automatically with requests for SAP assessments. A SAP will have to spend either time or money (preferably both) to market his/her services. And yes, self-promotion and marketing doesn't come easily, but being listed on a functioning and friendly database is a good place to start.

While a SAP can keep relatively busy providing SAP services as an affiliate for EAPs, the most often heard complaint is that reimbursement is either minimal or slow, and sometimes both. By building a SAP practice that provides services to both private clients and affiliate contracts, a SAP will not only increase his/her familiarity with the regulations and the process, but will also create a revenue stream that is more commensurate with the SAP's commitment of time and money to be able to provide these services in the first place.

This website attempts to help bring SAPs together with employers who do not have a contracted Employee Assistance Program, or whose EAP is not providing SAP services. (Yes, there are EAPs who have decided to not provide SAP service.) A large number of employers under this regulation are independent and small. Their need for SAP services is only occasional--perhaps once in 2 or 3 years. But the fact is, when they need a SAP, they NEED a SAP. There are no alternatives, no options, and no substitutions.

For a SAP, SAPlist.com is the best investment of the marketing dollar. An ad in a magazine is buried somewhere in the magazine, and then is lost when the magazine is discarded. A website presence, on the other hand, is working for you around the clock, every day.

For an employer, SAPlist.com is the best and the easiest way to find a qualified, trained SAP.

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