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Current Random Testing Rates

View current testing rates for the modes.

April, 2005 - In the spring of 2005 FMCSA launched a new, very user-friendly website.

FMCSA Guidance, Issued April 2005

FMCSA published guidance (interpretations) to 49 CFR Part 382, in April 2005. On FMCSA's site, you can click on various questions, one at a time.

SAPlist has incorporated all of the questions and answers into a single document which is 12 pages long. Download the document, save it to your computer.

You will see that the Guidance uses both FHWA and FMCSA. FHWA is no longer the Administration that oversees 49 CFR Part 382. It was used in error. In this document, we have manually changed FHWA to FMCSA in all cases. Secondly, the questions and responses to 382.603 were originally published in the Federal Register in April 1997, prior to the changes made in 2001 to both Parts 40 and 382. However, this Guidance re-used these Guidance questions, some of which are in conflict with today's regulations, resulting in some misinformation. Regardless of what the Guidance may say, the 2001 regulation prevails.

RSPA Changes it Name to PHMSA

March, 2005 - RSPA, previously known as Research and Special Projects Administration, appropriately changed its name to PHMSA, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

DOT Clarifies the Relationship of HIPAA to Drug and Alcohol Testing Information

This clarification, published in May 2003, is important.

DOT Makes Changes to Regulations Related to Adulterated, Substituted and Diluted Specimens

November, 2004 - The Department of Transportation issued an interim final rule amending certain provisions of its drug and alcohol testing procedures. The rule gives new instructions to laboratories and medical review officers with respect to adulterated, substituted, and dilute specimen results. Following are documents that summarize some of the more important items contained in the rule, and the rule itself.

Highlights of the Rule (from ODAPC)

The RULE, in the Federal Register.

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