Your answer to continuing education

Five easy steps to
meeting DOT's requirement

1 Download and print your study materials, free of charge   

These are your study materials. Click on each document so you can download and print it. (Total: 164 pages). Keep these materials as references in the future. Consider these to be important reference materials, as you continue to work with SAP cases in the future.

If you prefer to have these materials mailed to you:

Send a check for $35, payable to SAPlist, to:

3243 East Calhoun Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55408-3311

We will send all of these documents to you, by Priority Mail, 2-3 days.

2 Create your private Continuing Education folder.   Create one now >>

Note: If you are a SAP whose Profile on SAPlist is currently active, and if it has been active for the previous two years, you must go directly to your Profile via your Username and Password in order to take advantage of the special rate of $100. Log in now >>

  • Set up your own Username and Password
  • We ask for basic demographic information, and
  • Your original Qualification Training, provider and date, and
  • Go to www.saplist.com
    At the bottom of the homepage, click on "I want to create a Continuing Education Folder."
    In Step 2 on the next screen, click on "Create one now".
    Enter your SAPlist Username and Password
    Click on "Purchase your quiz"

    Note: If you currently have a Profile on SAPlist, you will first have to log out of that Profile (upper right corner), to get rid of the cookies that have accumulated.

3 Purchase a continuing education quiz (50 questions)

  • $175 ($100 for a SAP whose Profile has been on SAPlist for the previous two years)
  • This is a credit card transaction, over SAPlist's secure payment system
  • When the transaction is accepted, you can click on a link to your own unique Quiz
  • Print a paper version of your Quiz
  • Exit SAPlist. (Your Quiz will be saved in your Continuing Education Folder)
  • Complete the Quiz at your own pace (there is no limit to how much time you take/need)

4 Submit your answers on the web

  • When you have completed your paper version of the Quiz, return to SAPlist U
  • Open your Folder (with your Username and Password)
  • Open your Quiz, and transfer the answers from your paper copy to the web version
  • Hit "Submit My Answers"
  • You will immediately receive a printout of incorrect questions, with references to help you find the correct answers when you have time

5 Your Certificate of Completion will be automatically stored in your Folder

  • In order to pass, you must have a score of 70% (35 correct).

    If you score 70% or above (35 or more correct), a Certificate will immediately appear in your Continuing Education Folder
  • This documentation certifies that you have completed this continuing education requirement
  • Your Certificate will include:
    • 12 CEUs for NASW
    • 12 PDHs for EACC (Domain 2)
    • 12 hours for NBCC
      SAPlist.com is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP™) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program.
  • Print as many copies as you need
  • You can return to your Folder at any time and print additional copies
  • Use your brower's Save As function to save the PDF of your Certificate to your computer's hard drive.
  • You can e-mail your Certificate as a PDF to anyone who requests it
  • If you score below 70%, you will have to take it over, but we will give you a new quiz. We will create a new quiz for you, (at no extra charge) and drop it into your Continuing Education Folder. At your convenience, you can try again. We will continue doing this until you have successfully completed a quiz with a score of 70% or more. As soon as you score 70% or above, a certificate of completion will appear in your Continuing Education Folder. (You will not be charged for the extra quizzes.)


After you complete these 5 steps, you will have met
DOT's requirement for the current three-year timeframe!


Return to SAPlist U at any time to check for more updated information.

An important note: This certificate is all you need. There is no reason for you to send a copy of this certificate or additional money to an organization or association to maintain "certification". DOT does not recognize or require certification under this regulation.


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